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Tarik Yousef Fine Furniture clients purchase our collection items plus commission custom pieces because they know we use only the finest American woods.

In this blog I’ll explain how we source lumber. Every piece is from “blown-down” trees—mainly from southeast Ohio and to a lesser extent, West Virginia. Every piece is sourced from family-owned tree farms in this country.

The beauty of naturally fallen logs is an unsurpassed gift from Mother Nature. These trees came down naturally either because of storms or were at the end of their life cycles. They have lived their maximum possible life spans and matured fully, as in wine that has aged gracefully.

Thus, the quality of fallen lumber is matchless in attaining newer heights of superior wood furniture. Because mature lumber glows naturally, it offers more beautiful colors and textures, and is a sturdy, solid wood fully grown in natural-growth environments. (Plus reflecting the beauty of using sustainable resources.)

At the sawmill, logs are cut to desired dimensions. The wood is then cured in dry kilns—without steaming. Dry curing seasons it and allows naturally rich wood tones to shine through.

At the end of this amazing ride, customers complete the artistic cycle in bringing artisan woods to market. You select from cherry, oak, ash, elm, sycamore, walnut or maple to fashion heirloom items to be lovingly cherished for generations.

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June 03, 2015 by Tarik Yousef

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