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Pillow Talkin’ at T.Y. Fine Furniture

Pillow Talkin’ at T.Y. Fine Furniture

Even before Doris Day and Rock Hudson made pillow talk the rage, people have found comfort and enjoyment from pillows of all shapes, sizes and textures. Pillows are also an easy and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up a décor, introduce pop and color into an area or just be sure there’s somewhere cozy and comfortable for people to prop their head.

With all of that in mind, T.Y. Fine Furniture’s pillow inventory has expanded dramatically. For example, we now offer over a dozen organic pillow options in various sizes. We’ve also increased our offerings to include pillows whose covers are made from wool, kapok, cotton, shredded latex, solid latex and even Verona Blends made from a mixture of these ingredients.

Colors and shapes vary, too, so you needn’t worry you’ll be going home with a ho-hum square pillow. Because we know that sometimes pillows get dirty, we made
sure to offer only pillows whose covers are removable and machine-washable.

Our pillows range in price from $79 to $169 , so their cost is as soft and welcoming as they are.

Come on in to experience the comfort of these amazingly welcoming pillows.

You’ll feel like your head is sleeping on cotton.

Can you picture yourself lounging on an all-natural, organic sofa?

Can you picture yourself lounging on an all-natural, organic sofa?

Verona Organic Sofa 

Providing ways for our customers to live a comfortable and natural life is at the heart of T.Y. Fine Furniture’s mission. So when we learned about a luxurious couch constructed with the finest in natural fibers, we knew it was right for us. And hopefully, for you, too.

The Verona Sofa offers elegant and organic seating complete with cushions constructed of natural latex wrapped in luxurious organic wool batting. The finest in certified organic materials such as cotton duck, sturdy hemp and a soft hemp-cotton blend comprise the cushions, so you know every moment spent on this unique creation will be soft and luxurious. While this natural sofa is formal enough for a living room, its simple elegance makes it ideal for any décor. Not only that, seat cushions can be customized to the owner’s preference and, as such, are available as either firmer or softer.

The Verona Sofa features other characteristics that make it stand out among its lesser peers. For example, materials involved in creating the Verona include:

  • Certified sustainable solid hardwood (maple)
  • GOTS-certified organic upholstery (in hemp, cotton duck or a hemp-cotton blend)
  • Cradle-to-Cradle certified Natural Talalay latex foam
  • Natural jute webbing
  • Natural coir (coconut fiber with natural latex)
  • Zero-VOC natural linseed oil
  • Low-VOC water-based stain with linseed coating

Moreover, the authentic Verona Sofa uses no flame retardants, formaldehyde glue, cardboard, metal coils, particle board, plywood or veneer. All natural means just that, so no fake fillers are used in these beauties.

Every Verona Sofa also enjoys unparalleled attention to construction details such as Mortise-and-Tenon joinery and removable seat and back cushions. Each Verona Sofa is built by hand by Savvy Rest, a highly regarded manufacturer of organic mattresses based in central Virginia.

Not only is this amazing sofa constructed from the finest in natural fibers and materials, it is available in several colors, too. Selections include Lavender, Navy, Brown, Black, White, Honey and Sweet Potato. Yes, Sweet Potato!

We look forward to welcoming you to the shop and showing you the amazing luxuries this wonderful organic sofa offers.

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It’s cozy time! Get some sleep on one of our organic mattresses

The changing colors of the leaves and pumpkins adorning people’s doorstops means that autumn is upon us. The cooler temperatures are a welcome relief from summer’s humidity, but when sweater weather is upon us, those frigid days of winter aren’t far behind.

When the skies darken earlier, people often take the cue and go to bed earlier in the night than they might in the summer. And what better way to get cozy and relaxed then a wonderful, welcoming organic mattress!

T.Y. Fine Furniture stocks several different organic mattresses to cater to our customer’s varying desires of mattress softness and thickness. Or, if you’re not in the market for a new mattress but still crave the comfort of an allergen-free sleep experience, we also offer organic mattress toppers ranging from twin size all the way to California King.

We have partnered with Naturepedic because not only are their products manufactured with top-of-the-line organic materials, the company is also dedicated to healthful living. For example, all Naturepedic products are tested by independent third-party laboratories and certified according to the Greenguard Gold Certification Program. Naturepedic itself has earned Greenguard’s “GOLD” Certification, meeting the most stringent standard.

We offer various Naturepedic organic mattresses to fit any size budget. For example, mattresses from the Economic Organic Sleep (EOS) series are designed for luxury and comfort while also keeping an eye on practicality. Its multilayer zippered construction allows users to customize the layers in the mattress, swap out layers and even change the feel of the mattress years later. And with a 20-year warranty, Naturepedic owners enjoy many years of comfort on their mattress.

Naturepedic’s Organic Luxury Series features heirloom quality construction and materials including organic cotton fabric and filling, organic latex and organic wool. Its coils are hand-assembled and topped with a comfort layer of supportive organic latex for a delightfully luxurious feel. The mattress’s quality constructive ensures isolation of movement and pressure point relieving comfort designed to contour to the curves of the bodies sleeping on it.

If a new mattress or mattress cover aren’t in your plans but you’re still looking for an extra dose of comfort, Naturepedic’s organic cotton and waterproof protector pads, organic cotton quilted mattress pads or organic cotton luxury sheets might be what you’re looking for.

At T.Y. Fine Furniture, if you sleep well, we can too.

The Benefits of Organic Cotton


To convey the benefits of some eco-friendly solutions can require bales of education. Most people care about the planet and their own health. But not everyone has the time to learn all there is to know about industrial processes. For every organic spinach patch, there’s a counter-argument about distribution, convenience, or cost.

Organic cotton, fortunately, is easier to explain. There are two primary reasons to choose organically-grown cotton whenever you can. The first is your own health; the other is the health of the earth. And they’re inseparable.

Hidden Dangers

Those silky sheets or satiny mattress cover? The number of chemicals that can be used to produce a conventional textile’s luxurious look or feel is staggering. Many are known skin irritants; some are carcinogenic. Pesticides are also endocrine disruptors, which subtly alter the body’s hormone balance. There is new debate about the consequences of chronic exposure to low levels of these compounds. Among concerns scientists have identified are increased risks for obesity, infertility, developmental brain disorders, and cancer.

When you choose bedding and a natural mattress made with organic cotton, you eliminate an important source of chemical exposure in your home. Because you sleep in close contact with your bedding materials -- and for years -- organic cotton may be among the most health-protective choices you make. Some experts believe that organic cotton is as significant for health as organic food. Organically grown and processed cotton will not expose you to herbicides, fungicides, or other chemical residues. For the highest quality, also look for the GOTS seal. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification represents the most rigorous organic standards worldwide.

Then there’s the health of the planet. The environmental consequences of conventional cotton production are horrendous. Conventional cotton uses more pesticides than any crop on earth -- and more of the most toxic kinds. These chemicals poison the soil and wildlife, drift into waterways, contaminate livestock even when applied to fields miles away, and wind up in human tissue. They also destroy entire ecosystems. For example, the fourth-largest body of water on earth, the Aral Sea -- once a thriving food resource, is now too polluted from cotton agriculture to support fish.

Turning the Corner

Like our environment, human beings suffer from conventional cotton production at every step of the cycle. Agricultural laborers’ children sprayed while playing near cotton fields, factory workers exposed to a slew of toxins, and consumers who wear or sleep on fabrics that carry chemical residues -- all could testify that non-organic cotton is NOT “the fabric of our lives.” Ready for a hopeful note? More people are turning toward organic cotton. Global output has exploded, increasing over 500% in a recent four-year period.

So when you choose your natural mattress, make it an organic one. A mattress casing of pure organic cotton not only is better for your health, but the unbleached color is beautiful. It’s a natural reminder that simpler materials are safer ones for you, for those you love, and for the earth we live on together.

 Written by Laura, November 24, 2012

Advice From Savvy Rest: Choosing Mattresses for Children

T.Y. Fine furniture is a dealer for Savvy rest products.  Below is an article from their blog that we believe will be of great value to customers looking for a child's mattress.

Kids grow like weeds, and in hindsight, it’s mind-boggling how different their bodies become. But a well-designed mattress can work just as well for a toddler graduating from the crib as for an 18-year-old. Here’s a look at key mattress characteristics to help guide your choices.

Natural Materials

At any age, there’s nothing more important than safe, nontoxic materials. Children spend more time in sleep than adults do, and during those hours they too are breathing in the off-gassing chemicals that a mattress “breathes out”—even after the initial smell is gone.

Mattresses made with synthetic foams are filled with various compounds that have been implicated in cancer, lifelong obesity, developmental brain disorders such as ADHD and autism, and even lowered IQs. Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, is common in synthetic foams. The most dangerous compounds are chemical flame retardants, used in significant quantities in most mattresses.

Avoid Synthetic Foams

An organic mattress with a natural latex interior is the safest choice. Breathable natural latex layers not only contribute to deeper, less restless sleep, but can be changed if comfort needs change over time. Organic wool batting within a mattress casing allows flame retardancy without the added chemicals. Look for published certifications, such as GreenGuard, for assurance.

Choose Fabrics Carefully

Organic mattress casings will not expose your child to pesticide residues, chlorine bleaches, or toxic fabric dyes and finishes. For protection from allergens, add organic mattress encasements. Organic allergy pillow covers are important for allergic children, too.

Durability and Comfort

Does your little one have a future as a trampoline artist? With a layered Savvy Rest organic mattress, you can choose the type of natural latex and configuration of layers that best fit your child’s personality and activity level. Here are examples. (For more detail, see How to Choose.)

Pint-Sized Piledrivers

For the little girl or guy who loves to jump (especially on the bed when no one’s looking), denser natural Dunlop latex will hold up best. For extra-vigorous kids who just tend to be hard on things, the Serenity mattress with one Medium layer over two Firms works well. A combo with a little more give is Medium over Medium over Firm.

Sensitive Sleepers

Children who are restless sleepers or highly sensitive to touch benefit from a softer, more cushioned surface. For these little ones, a good Serenity configuration is a Soft top layer over Medium and Firm natural Dunlop. (Or Soft over Medium alone, in the Tranquility model.) For an extra-cradling feel, you can substitute a top layer of Soft Talalay.

Little Furnaces

Does your child often seem too warm during sleep, even when not running a fever? Many children love the extra comfort of a Savvy Woolsy mattress topper. This wool-filled topper adds cozy cushioning to any mattress surface and diminishes heat buildup. (Sleeping on top of wool fiber helps cool the body—unlike sleeping under a wool blanket).

Older Children and Adolescents

One of the best features of a layered natural latex mattress is its adaptability. If you favor a quite-firm mattress for young children, but around puberty your child begins to crave more softness, Savvy Rest’s Serenity or Tranquility mattresses can change right along with your child’s preferences.

For example, you could set up a Serenity with Medium on top, Soft in the middle, and a Firm bottom layer while your child is young and bones are still developing. Later on, simply unzip the casing and switch the top and middle layers. Voila—instant new mattress for your luxury-loving teen!

Movin’ On

Don’t be surprised if a child who’s slept on a layered Savvy Rest loves their mattress so much they want to take it along to their first new place when they’re ready to leave the nest.

While you’re wiping your tears (or silently celebrating), remember that you can pack a Twin layered Savvy Rest into a car—just open the casing and roll each layer into a sturdy 55-gallon bag. Even Full components will fit easily into most vehicles.

Economy in Mind

A layered organic mattress isn’t the only option when budgets are tight. Another great choice for children of any age is the economical Earthspring--Savvy Rest’s innerspring mattress that features natural latex foam and an organic casing. The Simplicity mattress, an extra-firm model, is also a good basic choice (it’s more comfortable with an added topper).

Written by Laura, April 10, 2015 - 3:38pm

June 10, 2015 by Wes Miller