Organic Solid Wood Eco-Friendly Furniture
4555 N. High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43214
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4555 North High St, Tues-Sat 11am-6pm

At T.Y. Fine Furniture, Eco-Friendly is a set of core beliefs that we have honored and respected since inception. All the wood used in T.Y. Fine Furniture is selected from Naturally Fallen Trees, coming from local Ohio Forests. The glues are age old milk based blends that are tested for food contact. And the finish remains as it has since its inception, Organic, Non toxic, zero VOC and Food Grade components.We build our furniture this way for many reasons, we want our kids to carry on our furniture making tradition and have the same resources we had, we want to live a healthy and full life and wish for the same health for our customers, friends and family. 

Visitors often comment on how much they hear the words "organic" and how often we talk about health. In fact, we are one of very few furniture makers or stores taking Organic seriously. You may notice that we carry a wide selection of organic mattresses and bedding. This is not a coincidence. When we opened our first showroom in Columbus, Ohio, we wanted to represent a brand that went hand in hand with our ideals. For us, Organic and Eco-Friendly has been a subtle set of decisions that we have consistently made since day one. 

Tarik Yousef founded T.Y. Fine Furniture in 2004, early on he experimented with endless numbers of finishes. Most were so toxic that it was hard to tolerate application of these chemicals and the process always seemed to strip the wood of its natural beauty and charm. All the hard work going into making a beautiful solid wood piece of bespoke furniture seemed to be wasted on common industry finishes.

It did not take long before Owner Tarik Yousef decided to take matters into his own hands. Enlisting the chemical expertise of his father Dr. Ahmed Yousef a Microbiologist at The Ohio State University, Tarik went out to create a Beautiful, Organic and Heirloom quality finish that would become the corner stone of his company. From there the perfect finish blend was born, it was an overnight success. In fact, once woodworkers got wind of this new creation, they started clamoring for the finish to be bottled for their own use!


At T.Y. Fine Furniture Organic Furniture is not about saying 'me too', it is an honest part of our core philosophy and founding principles. We do not want to provide you with furniture that we would not put in our own homes. We want to enjoy building furniture, even if it is a little harder or takes a little longer, and we definitely do not want to expose ourselves or others to Carcinogenic Chemicals. 

As part of our commitment to building the highest quality Organic and Sustainable furniture using environmentally friendly practices, we have become certified by Green America and by the Sustainable Furnishings council. 

        Modern bedroom furniture collection


 Our Modern Bedroom Collection is just one quick example of how style, quality, sustainability and Organic can all live in harmony. Through many years of fine tuning our craft, and designs, we have a bedroom furniture collection guaranteed to wow your contemporary and modern furniture sensibilities.