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Quality furniture manufacturer offering President’s Day Specials through March 5

Quality furniture manufacturer offering President’s Day Specials through March 5

If you’re in the market for fine quality wood furniture manufactured from natural hardwoods for a reasonable price, Copeland Furniture might be right for you. A family-owned and operated enterprise, Copeland employs a combination of cutting-edge computer technology and traditional craftsman techniques to construct wood furniture for the value-conscious consumer

And, through March 5, Copeland Furniture is offering discount pricing on its furniture for dining areas and bedrooms. T.Y. Fine Furniture is also happy to assist customers interested in Copeland’s line of wood office furnishings, too.

Copeland Furniture designs pay homage to its Vermont roots, so their furniture is firmly rooted in Arts & Crafts, Mission, Shaker and Scandinavian movements.

Of course, our team of talented craftsmen is prepared to work with customers to design then build custom-wood furniture pieces from naturally fallen Ohio wood. Visit us in our expanded Clintonville showroom at 4555 North High Street so we can show you what we have to offer.

Mattress Manufacturers Temporarily Cease Production amid Cancer Scare

Mattress Manufacturers Temporarily Cease Production amid Cancer Scare

At least three British-based organic mattresses manufacturers shut down operations

recently amid warnings chemicals they used in their mattresses were tainted.
Acting on warnings from BASF, a German chemical giant that notified customers
they shipped a bad batch of chemicals that could cancer, the trio ceased productionof the mattresses to test levels of various compounds in them.

The three, Silent Night, Simba and Eve Sleep, immediately halted production of
the potentially-infected mattresses to conduct emergency testing to verify the
safety of the mattress involved. All trio have since announced no mattresses were found to contain any contaminated materials.

Of course, people who sleep on organic mattresses don’t have to worry about the possibility of cancer-causing materials infiltrating their mattresses because
chemicals are not used in their construction. Nothing synthetic is utilized to
construct an organic mattress, so people who sleep on them never have to worry
their innocent slumber could lead to cancer.

So, go ahead and rest easy.

Click here for further details.

January 30, 2018 by Tami Kamin Meyer
How to Select a Mattress Size

How to Select a Mattress Size

A detailed blog about mattress sizes and how to select the proper size mattress for your needs.
January 24, 2018 by Tami Kamin Meyer
T.Y. Fine Furniture goes "HolidayVille" on December 3

T.Y. Fine Furniture goes "HolidayVille" on December 3

Clintonville is getting in the holiday spirit with its 8th Annual HolidayVille celebration on Sunday, December 3 from noon to 4 pm. T.Y. Fine Furniture is proud to be the Lead Sponsor of this year’s festivities, and we’re doing so by holding a Pop-Up Shop comprised of several locally-owned small businesses catering to organic, upcycled and healthy living folks.

 Not only that, we will enjoy the musical stylings of local musicians who enjoy collaborating together to create joyful sounds of the season.

 Don’t forget that Jolly the Trolley will be making pick-ups and drop-offs throughout the North High Street corridor. As a lead sponsor, we’re thrilled to be one of the Trolley’s main stops.

 So, please be sure to stop in Sunday between noon and 4 for HolidayVille! We actually open at 10 am that morning, so if you want to beat the crowds, come over early.

December 02, 2017 by Tami Kamin Meyer
We create and support the Fine Arts

We create and support the Fine Arts

Careful planning and detailed execution are important characteristics of the hand-crafted wood furniture pieces the experienced craftsmen of T.Y. Fine Furniture create for our customers. Each piece we create is uniquely crafted to our customer’s needs and desires, rendering everything we build a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Because we understand and appreciate the intricacies of creating a splendid performance, we support the unparalleled successes on the Columbus Fine Arts’ scene, too.

One way we demonstrate our love of Fine Arts is by sponsoring, for the second season in a row, the Playbills distributed at the Columbus performances of touring Broadway shows.

The next Broadway production to grace the Columbus stage is a delectable slice of sweet cherry pie, the Tony-nominated musical ‘Waitress.’ The show’s Tony-nominated musical score, written by famed songstress Sara Bareilles, hits the Ohio Theater stage Nov. 7 to 12.

To show our appreciation for our loyal customers and for the Fine Arts, we want to extend a unique offer to those who invite the artistic wonders of ‘Waitress’ into their lives.

During the month of November, any customer whose T.Y. Fine Furniture purchase necessitates home delivery will be upgraded to our white-glove delivery service, a total value of $150, free of charge! Your purchases will be carefully hand-wrapped in our shop, then personally delivered by our knowledgeable and extremely careful delivery team. Once in your home, we will unpack your purchases and place wherever you direct us.

Just as the Fine Arts spread joy and enlightenment to its patrons, the beauty of hand-made, heirloom-quality furniture from naturally fallen Ohio wood created by T.Y. Fine Furniture’s talented craftsmen is sure to bring happiness to your life for many years to come.

We are located at 4555 North High Street, Clintonville. Our hours are Tuesday-Friday, 12-6, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-4.

If you’re fortunate enough to see Waitress, sit back, relax and enjoy. You’re in for a delectable experience! And, if you come to our shop, you’re in for a unique, no-pressure experience where your comfort and health are our top priority.

November 05, 2017 by Tami Kamin Meyer
We're thrilled to offer an expanded line of high-quality couches and sleepers!

We're thrilled to offer an expanded line of high-quality couches and sleepers!

When we moved into our larger digs in Clintonville this past May, it wasn’t only to expand our workshop so our talented wood craftsmen had more space in which to craft solid wood and custom furniture. It was also to broaden our offerings of artisan furniture so our customers would look to us for beautifying their whole house, not just their bedrooms.

We are proud to announce our inventory now includes two leading furniture manufacturers known for producing top-of-the-line offerings at consumer-friendly prices.

One brand, Younger Furniture, has been doing it right since 1989. Their selections include sofas, sleepers, and sectionals as well as chairs and ottomans.

Younger Furniture is made in America by experienced craftsmen using solid wood frames and a modest selection of high-value materials. Each piece is bench-built to a customer’s specifications as to upholstery, foam inserts, legs and finishes, so not only is it well-made, it is customized to your desires, too.

All frames used in Younger Furniture are made from kiln-dried North American hardwoods, double-doweled and glued. Blocked corners and joint breakers for added reinforcement ensure these pieces are durable and long-lasting, so they look great while serving their purpose for years to come. Some of Younger’s sofas, such as the Lily (pictured), feature wood legs built right into the couch’s solid wood frame. This method of constructions translates into additional support for people reposing on the sofa.

When you sink into a Younger couch, you’ll be sitting in comfort. Standard to each Younger couch are “Y Lux” cushions containing a core of high resiliency 2.5 pound “Qualux” encased in a down-proof tick cover. This construction means you receive a higher density cushion with a softer feel that ensures the longevity and comfort of the product. Better yet, the foam is covered by a lifetime warranty! Feather and down cushions are also on the menu, so there are several ways to customize your seating to your liking.

Other features include:

  • Heavy, 8-guage, sinuous no-sag, closely spaced springs, cinched and screwed into the wood frame
  • Legs and feet made of resilient hardwood or stainless steels and bases in different shapes and sizes
  • Foam materials are CertiPUR-US certified (made without ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals and formaldehyde)

 Because Younger Furniture is as versatile and comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing, we’ve added their line of sleeper sofas, too. A five-inch thick innerspring mattress featuring a five-year warranty is standard on all their sleepers, so slumber won’t be interrupted by those awkwardly uncomfortable support rods. Dual tubular legs for added support ensure the sleeper lays flat and a TV headrest with anti-tilt prevents it from closing unexpectedly.

Stop in and check out what’s new at T.Y. Fine Furniture. Just be warned: once you sink into a Younger sofa or sleeper, you might decide to be late for dinner.


October 24, 2017 by Tami Kamin Meyer
Look, Mom! We made the Dispatch!

Look, Mom! We made the Dispatch!

It was very exciting to see the front page of the Business section of the Columbus Dispatch in late March and read our name in an article ( Of course, we knew we had collaborated with Flowers & Bread, a new eatery in Clintonville focusing on the interplay of nature and nourishment, a few months back. What we didn’t know, and were pleasantly surprised to see, is that T.Y. Fine Furniture would be highlighted in the Dispatch article about the restaurant’s recent opening.

We were honored that Sarah Lagrottteria and Tricia Wheeler, the new restaurant's owners, had chosen to purchase wooden tables created by our talented craftsmen from Ohio-sourced wood, but didn’t know that collaboration would receive any attention.

The mission of Flowers & Bread is to inject simple pleasures into their customer’s lives by igniting their senses with the beauty of nature and the wonders of healthy, tasty food. They also offer baking and floral classes, too.

Thanks to Sarah and Tricia for including T.Y. Fine Furniture in their new and exciting venture aimed at offering unique ways of living a healthful existence. We are doubly excited to become their neighbor soon, as we will be opening our new, expanded showroom in Clintonville at 4555 North High Street on May 1.

Study: Increased levels of flame retardants found in children and adults

Study: Increased levels of flame retardants found in children and adults

According to a study recently released by Duke University, EWG and other universities, the level of flame retardants in the bodies of adults and children has increased drastically between 2002 and 2015. According to the study, levels of chlorinated Tris, or TDCIPP, rose fifteen fold in adults while levels in children were found to have increased four times in that same time frame. While this isn’t the first time levels of flame retardants in humans has been researched, this study marks the first time the outcomes have revealed such dramatic shifts over a long period of time.

Flame retardants are used in everyday products to slow or stop the spread of fire. They’re commonly found in car seats, upholstered furniture, televisions, computers, clothing, baby toys and much more. While not all flame retardants are harmful, and there are Federal guidelines designed to limit the amount of the chemical in products, overexposure can be harmful to humans. That's because they have been linked to health challenges such as cancer, hormonal changes and even cause fertility issues.

Fortunately, customers of T.Y. Fine Furniture don't have to worry about flame retardants in anything purchased from us. That's because we don't sell anything containing flame retardants, or any chemical or unnatural material, for that matter. We are dedicated to promoting healthful, hypoallergenic living so our customers don't have to worry about anything unnatural contaminating them or their homes. That includes our hypoallergenic mattresses, bedding, pillows, leather recliners, luxurious massage chairs or custom-made wood furniture from us.

 We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Decorators' Show House, Here We Come!

Decorators' Show House, Here We Come!

We are very excited and proud to announce that T.Y. Fine Furniture will be teaming up with award-winning interior designer Angela Bonfante in the bi-annual Decorators' Show House, sponsored by the Columbus Museum of Art. The event will be held April 23 through May 14, 2017 in the museum's historic Ross building.

Bonfante, who will be participating in her first Decorators' Show House, said she selected T.Y. Fine Furniture for her space because "I love the clean lines of mid-century modern furniture that Tarik and his craftsmen build. T.Y. Fine Furniture offers something not readily available in Columbus--high quality, mid-century modern furniture that is well built and long-lasting. That, and Tarik is super easy to work with."

While we won't spoil the surprise about what we will be providing Bonfante's designer showroom,, we will tell you it will be the first of its kind ever to be created for the Show House (really!)

Please be sure to stop by the Decorators' Show House to view all the spaces created by some of Columbus's top interior designers, including our personal favorite, Angela Bonfante.





February 24, 2017 by Tami Kamin Meyer
TY Fine Furniture Showroom Clintonville

We're making progress on our new home!


Just around the time spring flowers will be brightening yards and gardens, T.Y. Fine Furniture will be opening the doors of its new Clintonville location.

 At 7,000 square feet, the shop’s new home at 4555 North High Street is nearly four times the size of our current Merion Village location, and we have big plans for our larger space.

For example, we’re excited to be expanding our inventory of hypo-allergenic and all natural Naturepedic and Savvyrest mattresses as well as organic bedding and pillows. We will also be adding to our team of craftsmen to ensure we have the manpower in place to create the handmade, solid custom wood furniture we have become known for. Because we know our clients do more than sleep, we will be expanding our line of top quality, all-natural living room furniture including comfortable couches, luxurious leather recliners and top-quality Inada DreamWave massage chairs.

Our new shop, which was erected in the 1950s, is in pristine condition and once housed the Clintonville library. Because we are focused on encouraging healthful living, we are installing climate-controlled, state-of-the-art, high efficiency heating and cooling systems. The space will also be upgraded to meet LEED requirements, so the roof, windows, insulation and lighting will all be replaced to reflect our core values.

Because we value the significance of the building’s architecture, we will also be seeking to have it placed on the National Registry of Historic Places once the renovation has been completed.

We will keep you posted as we lovingly restore an architectural gem into the diamond it is.

February 17, 2017 by Tami Kamin Meyer