Modern Bedroom Furniture Side Table Solid Wood Mid Century Modern
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Modern Side Table Solid Wood Handmade Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

$ 949.00

Brand TY Fine Furniture

Our Mid-20th Century Modern Collection is a stylish rendition of beloved nostalgic design and comfort. Handcrafted to perfection using our proprietary construction methods, these inimitable pieces also offer the gift of quality heirloom collecting for generations to love and enjoy. Our sturdy construction belies the elegant balance of these collection pieces: platform beds, side tables and coffee table. Every piece is meticulously and sumptuously finished with our signature finishes formulated from non-toxic, all-natural ingredients with zero-VOC emissions. 

Showcasing versatility with functionality and mobility, these stylish side tables earn their keep and your indulgence anywhere they’re artfully placed: living room, bedroom, guest room, home office, den or as accent pieces. That’s because their paired and unique, asymmetric left-right design flows fluidly with an illusion of floating delicately in the air. Also handcrafted with mortise and tenon joinery, they ship with legs detached. Dimensions: 24 W X 15 D X 24 T.

This new 2017 model features an interchangeable drawer design, you can re-orient which side the drawer is on by simply rotating the side table 180 degrees and reinstall the drawer box.   

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